“Captivating emotions through scents and notes that ignite feelings and expressions of happiness.”


We are a home fragrance company that creates handcrafted luxury candles using the finest fragrances and ingredients. Our candles are made using a coconut soy blend of wax and paired with a cotton wick for a cleaner burn.

With each candle made comes memories of my childhood and happiness, and we hope that our candles will do the same for you. Handcrafted and curated to transform your space into a feeling.

Our company comes from a journey through love, patience, and healing. A journey that began with a simple phone call in January 2019 from my mother indicating she was diagnosed with cancer.
My mom and I did not have a great relationship growing up. But the chemistry we shared was no doubt, undeniable. She always knew I was a fighter and a tough cookie. When she asked me to take care of her, she knew I would fight for her and with her.

For the short time my mom lived with me during her treatments, we developed a gift. As a form of relaxation and stress relief, I immersed myself in the art of candle making. Although I cannot explain it, there was something therapeutic about how candles could ease the worrying of my mother. After my mom will have chemo, she would be extremely ill and would sleep the entire day. During this time, I would make candles and she would be my tester. Sometimes she would wake up just to smell them and give me feedback and then go right back to sleep. This was her contribution and I love that she was able to contribute to the birth of something incredibly special.

Who knew that this would turn into healing for me? With every candle that I make, it always reminds me of the bond we shared during her fight with cancer. It reminds me of our back-porch talks, the dancing we would share at family parties, walking to the store with her as a child, eating Fincher’s BBQ sandwiches from our hometown, and making candy out of butter and sugar.

Even as her battle continued, she was still adding her lifelong stamp on a business that was formed as her namesake. Inspired by the beautiful, happy memories that come with each candle made, we honor our mother through the name of our business Anjelah Candle Company. One of the greatest and final gifts she was able to give to me.

It is our hope that, with each candle you burn, you will be filled with your own memories and happiness!

Shondra J. Glover


Being a passionate creative, has always allowed me to spread my wings as an entrepreneur. My first leap into my entrepreneurial journey began almost 20 years ago with a specialty linen rental company with my husband in my hometown of Macon GA. From a small family owned linen company, I would venture more into the event industry by creating and producing the Georgia Bridal Bash Show and the Proposed Wedding Show. One of my greatest achievement was becoming the founder and editor of OhBrides Wedding magazine. I never could have imagine seeing anything that I created on the newsstands.

I am a visionary, a mom, and wife to my husband Art for 18 years. My favorite piece of advice, comes from my husband which is “You should just try it and if it doesn’t work you can always try something else.”



The Signature Collection is the heart of the company. Named after each of the children, who share a part of our story. The scents in this collection is curated based on each of their personalities and offers a different scent for a different mood.





​Handcrafted using the highest grade of a coconut and soy wax blend infused with premium fragrance oils.


Captivating emotions through scents and notes that ignite feelings and expressions of happiness. Handcrafted candles using the highest grade of a coconut soy wax blend infused with premium fragrance oils.


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